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10 Easy Steps to Plan the Best Summer Cookout!

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Blackstone griddle cookout

When the sun is shining brightly in the sky and there are no cold winds to make you close the doors and windows, miss no chance of going outdoors and enjoying the golden sunlight and beautiful weather. To make the most out of it, gather your friends or family members and have a cookout in your backyard or alongside the pool (if you have one in your house).

Golden sunlight, a group of your best buddies, sizzling BBQ and refreshing lemonade – what’s the better way to welcome the beautiful weather?

But, we all wish throwing a cookout could be as simple as it sounds. Let’s face the reality; it seems you need to have a special gene to pull off a perfect party. Many people say that it’s not everyone’s game; not necessarily though!

Proper and detailed planning is the key to a successful party. Planning not only needs your thought, time and effort but to have everything fall flat attention to detail is required. One forgotten detail could ruin everything and you surely do not want that.

To help you in making your summer cookout a huge success, this season, we have compiled a list of some simple and basic yet highly important tips and steps. Take a look and get going to plan a perfect summer cookout!

Choose Time and Location

Whether you are going to have the party in your backyard, on the terrace, at the rooftop or at a local park? Is it going to be a brunch party, a lunch or a dinner party?

These are the foremost things to decide when it comes party planning as many other things depend upon these factors. Weekends are always the best option for throwing a cookout so that people do not worry about their work or appointments.

While deciding the time, make sure to at least have a 4 to 5 hours time period for the party.

Make a Guest List

The guest list depends upon the nature of the party. If it is to celebrate some important event; you are likely to invite more people, but if it is just a get together then only your close friends and family members are likely to be there.

Invite and Follow Up

Send invites via text message or emails and then follow up 2 -3 days before the party to confirm the actual number of guests. This is important to make sure you prepare food accordingly.

Decide the Menu

Decide what’s going to be on your menu. Keep your guests’ preferences and likes and dislikes in mind. To be on the safe side, stick to the classics.

Keep It Simple

Keep everything simple, be it menu or decorations. Do not try too hard to make it a fancy event. Outdoor cookouts generally have a casual feel.

Do Not Ignore Entertainment

You need to take care of your guests’ entertainment as well and what could be better than music.

Make Enough Space in the Fridge

This is important because you are going to prepare food beforehand and keep it in the fridge.

Gather the Supplies

In addition to crockery, you will only need a large outdoor griddle, some oil and tongs.

Marinate the Meat

Do this a day before the party so you won’t panic out. Marinating the meat will also enhance the flavor and the meat will cook quickly.

Engage Your Guests

Engage your guests in outdoor cooking. Cooking together is the very essence of BBQ parties.

13 thoughts on “10 Easy Steps to Plan the Best Summer Cookout!

  1. Avatar Helton Tool and Home says:

    Yes Drip catch is awful! Thanks for the paper clip trick, I will try that the next time I use this awesome griddle! Well Done—Rutuja Patil!

  2. Avatar Bill T. says:

    Recently purchase the 17″ tabletop griddle. I have watched the video on seasoning but it applies to the larger griddles. I’m sure it will work on the 17″ model but I was wondering if you had instructions on how to season the smaller griddle in the oven. I think that will give better, more even results. Also I tried to register for my warranty on-line but it requires me to provide a jpeg image for proof of purchase. I am not able to produce a jpeg. Is there another way to register?

    1. Avatar Venessa Pixton says:

      Hello Bill!
      You can season your griddle in the oven by following this process.
      -Preheat to 450
      -Coat in oil
      -Bake for 40 minutes
      -Wait until oven is completely cool before opening the door or you will smoke up your house.
      -Repeat process a total of 2 times.
      As for registering your griddle, if you would like to send all your information to [email protected] we will be more than happy to get you griddle registered!
      In order for us to register your product I will need the following information.
      -Zip code
      -Phone Number
      -Serial number
      -Proof of purchase, which can be a confirmation of any kind as long as we can see the day your product was purchased and what was purchased.

  3. Avatar Steve Scaccianoce says:

    I just received my 36″ Blackstone Griddle for Christmas! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I have already ordered and received the cover w/12″ plastic tower to keep the cover off the grill. The bacon press w/2 ring holders and the Blackstone spatula kit with water/oil bottles and cutter and the 12″ round basting cover. This griddle is awesome. In my opinion this is a must for every outdoor kitchen.

  4. Avatar Rod says:

    I love these griddle had a smaller one. I just wish the back and sides were 1 1/2″ inches taller.

  5. Avatar Brad says:

    Yes Drip catch is awful! Thanks for the paper clip trick, I will try that the next time I use this awesome griddle!

  6. Avatar Air Fryer says:

    Simple and best ways to make the interesting Summer Cookout ever.I will definitely take care of these great ideas for my next outing.Tasty and delicious food also plays a very important role in making the outing very important and for this Air Fryer is a must item in the kitchen.Healthy as well as tasty food is what you can be made from this gadget.Keep sharing these wonderful blogs in future also.

  7. Avatar Nellie says:

    My griddles no matter what I do or what oil I use they still rust and when I cook eggs they have a dark grey color to them. I have a 36″ griddle & a 17″ portable, I love them,,,but I’m not going to use them till I solve this problems and know they are safe to use. Does any one know what I can do.

    1. Avatar Venessa Pixton says:

      How are you cleaning your griddle each time? What oil are you using? Also on our website under videos there is a “how to” season your griddle top link I’m wondering if this is how you season yours. We season griddles every day and use them every day at shows and things in and have never had this experience. I have seen where you can clean the grill top down to its basic again and start over. Let me know how your cleaning it and you’re welcome to email us directly at [email protected]

  8. Avatar Patrick McNamara says:

    Just Purchased a 36 And Love it.Great Results.

  9. Avatar Rich Ayers says:

    Heard drip catch is aweful. Whats being done about it?

    1. Avatar Venessa Pixton says:

      We are coming out for 2018 with a patented rear grease. We currently use a paper clip down through the grease hole into the cup. The grease will follow the clip. I have not had a problem since I have used this method. We cook on all various types of terrain. I hope this helps.

  10. Avatar Shane Alexander says:

    Such a great idea, I love this!

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