About Us

As outdoor enthusiasts and founders of BLACKSTONE we dreamed of a quality outdoor griddle that could cook for large groups or families.In 2005 we made our vision a reality by creating BLACKSTONE PRODUCTS. We then launched the 36” BLACKSTONE griddle/ grill that is popular to this day.

We are more than just another outdoor cooking appliance company that only focus on the numbers and overlooks the end users by neglecting quality. We are EXTREMELY passionate about our design and the overall quality and functionality of our product. We feel this will insure the end users happiness with our product and will want to use them as often as possible. In a nutshell, our goal is to bring family, friends and groups together by having the best tools to create the ultimate atmosphere in each environment. We are here to stay and hope

The Company

Since then, the company has expanded dramatically and created a brand new look as well as a large new line of DURABLE – RUGGED – PORTABLE – INNOVATION to last a lifetime. By using the latest technology available and complementing it with great innovation, we feel we have the leading edge on the market in our categories. Our product is designed and engineered in the USA by the people who are avid users and live to entertain outside of the home. We pride ourselves with the innovative and quality products that any man, woman and family can afford.

Product lines: At this point in time, BLACKSTONE is currently broken up into four categories;

  • Backyard living

    This category consists of anything to do with making your backyard literally an oasis. Look for many new and
    exciting products to come very soon.

  • Recreational cooking

    Speaks for itself. Anything to do with cooking in any recreational atmosphere.

  • Commercial grade cooking

    This line is directed more for the high end users who cater to large groups. Similar designs with all the certifications
    needed such as CSA, ELT & ETLS

  • Restaurant supply

    Our Restaurant line accommodates the professional users. Watch for many new products to come in this category
    as well.

At Blackstone we love to cook. We love everything about good food, good friends, and good times. Outdoor cooking is our favorite venue for enjoying all of these. As self proclaimed ‘Foodies’, we enjoy exploring new and innovative products in the industry. Blackstone is about making these products available to everyone for all to enjoy.

Griddle cooking is a staple of nearly every restaurant and commercial kitchen on the planet. The variety of different foods that can be prepared on a griddle is unparalleled. From burgers, to steaks, to teppanyaki, to mixed vegetables, to a good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich, nothing compares to cooking on a griddle. Blackstone is about exploring this age old cooking style in the environment we love the best….the outdoors. We have partnered with some of the best names in the industry, including a few newcomers that are changing the face of outdoor cooking.

Blackstone is all about maximizing the adventure….come explore with us, and we’re confident that you’ll agree!