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The perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day!

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Happy Father’s Day! Give Dad the perfect gift!

With Dad’s big day right around the corner, there’s no need to hurry around from mall to department store trying to find the perfect gift to make him smile this Father’s Day.

Gifts for DadLuckily, Blackstone Products has you covered with our Father’s Day Sale! Get gifts for dad with up to 60% off of Blackstone’s griddles, grills, ovens & accessories – Dad will love it!  Wake him up to the smell of pancakes, eggs, and bacon when you surprise him with the Portable 17” Table Top Griddle. It’s non-stick, & easy to clean – the perfect addition to our full-sized griddle.

Preparing for a summer barbecue with the whole darn family? Not sure how you’re going to cook all that food at once? Blackstone’s 720 square inch, non-stick, flat top outdoor griddle is perfect for the job and will give dad the space he needs for the big cookout. This baby has everything dad needs to prepare for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner feast. It’s got four burners, even heat across the board, but most importantly, clean-up is simple! 

Cater to his design tastes with the option of the Black Griddle, or Stainless Steel Griddle. When you purchase the flat top, add on the 36” Grill Grate for another grilling option. It even includes a drip tray and windscreen for quality grilling without the hazard/mess. Nothing will make dad happier – he’s sure to have an audience while he cooks for the ones he loves most. The collapsible Griddle Surround Table accessory gives guests a place to put their appetizers and drinks while they watch dad in action. Maybe if they’re lucky he’ll let them have a crack at it!

Nothing is better than having a grill on a road trip!

Blackstone Griddle Gift

The Dash will provide dad with a 20”x12” enclosed dual cooking surface – it only takes seconds to break down and set up, making it perfect to take on the road! Better yet, give dad a 2-in-1 deal with Blackstone’s Tailgater Combo which is $100.00 off for Father’s Day! The flat top and covered grill grate surfaces allow Dad to cook two different styles at once, with adjustable legs that will have him grilling on any terrain! Better yet, fold the legs in and set the Tailgater Combo right on the bed of the truck for the real deal. It’s safe to say, dad will be the life of the party!

Blackstone Patio Oven GiftTake a step into the artisan side of cooking; expanding dad’s cooking possibilities beyond the grill and straight to our Patio Oven! Whether he’s flipping pizzas, roasting vegetables, or baking dessert, doing it outside always makes the experience that much better.

The rotating culinary stone and convection design allow for consistent heat and the best quality meal. Plug the oven into an outlet, or pop in two D batteries to take it with you, anywhere. This bad boy is over 60% off for Father’s Day!

Cooking a perfectly even kabob will no longer be a challenge with the Grill+Kabob Powered Rotisserie. This unit includes eleven 23” skewers that spin on their own, allowing dad to cook hands-free.

Add to the grilling fun and make it even easier for dad with all of Blackstone’s fun, convenient accessories. These include:

Happy shopping & Happy Father’s Day!

9 thoughts on “The perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day!

  1. Avatar Jeff says:

    Is there an accessory to increase the height of the sides and are there any good ideas for a “dam” to keep food from rolling into the grease trough? We have cooked on this thing almost exclusively ever since we got it!! We have a huge front porch Its great for this. The heat disperses well before reaching the ceiling allowing us to enjoy the fantastic porch!

    1. Avatar Venessa Pixton says:

      That is a good question. I have not been asked that before. There is not accessory to heighten the sides. As for the dam, if you wanted to put a piece of wood in front trough to avoid food rolling in. I have not heard of someone having a problem with this before.

      I hope this helps.

    2. Hi Jeff, my back patio is pretty uneven so I use a couple washers under the feet of the griddle top to even it out.

      Washer under Griddle feet

  2. Avatar Kelly says:

    I have seen that there is a shelf accessory that you can get for the flattop grill. Where can I find this? It wraps around and folds down for storage so cover still fits???

    1. Avatar Venessa Pixton says:

      That is all correct. Here is a link to the surround table….it is an awesome accessory, especially if you find yourself needing more space when you entertain.

  3. Avatar Karl Jolivet says:

    Hello I have the patio oven that I love by the way. But for my last two cooks. The wheel stops turning. The rotisserie motor is functionning when I take it off. I’m using the ac adapter all of the time. I didn’t see anything in the troubleshooting section for this issue. Can you please help. Thank you

    1. Avatar Venessa Pixton says:

      Karl, I am sorry to hear this. Please call us and we can talk you through some trouble shooting…here are the steps:
      1. Remove the rotating tray…was is difficult to get it in or out?
      2. Remove the rotating tray and turn upside-down, with a carpenter square check to see if the tray is level.
      3. Check to ensure that the rotating tray is not rubbing on anything as it turns.

      Here is our number and email…435-252-3030 x 1 or [email protected] thank you, Venessa P.

  4. Avatar Russell Seward says:

    I purchased the 36 inch griddle from Lowe’s.
    It work fantastic for about two weeks. I was in hog heaven, reliving the glory days of youth making steak and cheese subs, and breakfast and experimenting with stir fry. Then the regulator went bad, and I couldn’t get enough gas to heat up the griddle. Lowes replaced the entire unit. The new unit worked well during the initial seasoning process, but now that I’m ready to cook, I’m not getting enough gas pressure. I’ve changed to a new tank, and still no better. Is there a better regulator out there to get me back in the griddle game?

    1. Avatar Venessa Pixton says:

      Thank you for reaching out to us. One thing to definitely check is the air gates. We leave the air gates adjust to be set at the customers preference. At the front of each burner there is a small silver screw you can loosen and slide the metal gate more open or closed to control the air to gas ratio. We use the griddle with the air gates half closed (if it is a windy environment we close it a little more). Try this and if you need a picture we can email you one. Also the regulators have a safety feature where if the gas is not turned off in the correct method (burners first, then tank) it will lock down to prevent much gas flow. Often times if you detach the regulator and wait 10-15 minutes it will reset itself and should work fine again. If you feel that you need a replacement regulator after you try these things, please email us at [email protected] or call 435-252-3030 x 1.

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