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Who doesn’t like to have dinner at a five or seven-star restaurant that features an amazing ambiance, comfortable seating and a diverse menu?

But, if you are to choose between all these amazing features and the best tasting food, what will you opt for? We bet you will go for the tasty food!

Fine dining restaurants do not always offer the best food a country or city has to offer; quite often it is found at the pushcarts or small stalls on the sides of the road that often feature outdoor cooking.

Griddle street food is not only quite cheap, it also gives you a taste of the culture. This is why experienced travelers usually prefer to grab a meal from a roadside stall rather than sitting at a posh, fine dining restaurant. We have compiled a list of best griddle street food from around the world so that you know what not to miss the next time you travel around.

Balik Ekmek Sandwiches – Istanbul

Doner kebab is not the only good thing you find on the roadsides in Istanbul, there are so many other street foods that although do not enjoy the same popularity worldwide, but are truly scrumptious. Balik Ekmek Sandwich is one such street food of Istanbul that worth a try by every tourist, sea food lovers in particular. The sandwiches are made of freshly grilled mackerel filet topped with onion, with some greens and lemon juice on top.


Pupusas – El Salvador

Pupusas Griddle Street FoodYou may not have heard a lot about El Salvador when it comes to street food, but the Pupusas that are sold on the street of the country are go-to food for a large number of people and they truly deserve the status. A complete meal on its own, Pupusa is corn tortilla that is cooked on a flat top grill and is stuffed with a savory filling made with refried red beans, the dash of salty pork rinds (called chicharron), and cheese. Served with spicy coleslaw, pickled vegetables and/or chili peppers on top, pupusas are simply delicious.


Talk about street food and not talk about Thailand; it is the greatest injustice one could do to food and foodies both. A country known for its street food (the first thing that comes to mind whenever we talk about Thailand is the mouthwatering street food), has such amazing varieties of food cooked on the outdoor griddle that we couldn’t pick any one of them.

griddle street food

From Gai Yang (grilled chicken with options to choose from different marinades served with papaya salad and sticky rice) and Thai version of Moo Satay (grilled pork marinated with coconut milk and turmeric and served with pickled red onions and cucumber, and peanut sauce) to Sai Ooah (Northern Thai sausages prepared with minced pork, lemongrass and some other ingredients and then grilled to perfection), everything is so tantalizing that passing a street food vendor in Thailand without buying anything is just impossible for a foodie.

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