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Portability at
its finest

Just fold the griddle, go out, hook
up the gas, and start cooking!

Cook breakfast,
lunch, and dinner

Everything you can cook on a grill
and much, much more!

Endurance that
packs a punch

Forged with the sturdiest
cold-rolled steel to last a lifetime.

Rear Grease
Management System

Easy clean up and no stress with this patented innovation. Cook up delicious meals - without the mess.

Cold-rolled steel plate

Thick seven gauge steel for optimal heat retention with no cold spots.

Raised Edges

Allows use of the entire cooking surface

Foldable Legs

Easy to fold and go legs. Take the griddle to the tailgate, campsite, and wilderness for great meals.

4 Independently Controlled Heat Zones

Low or high flames under the control of your fingertips. Set the heat you want for each zone of the griddle.

Electronic Push Button Ignition

Just push to get the fire going - no need to mess with lighters or matches.

Blackstone is a family brand created by enthusiasts for outdoor cooking. Read more about us!


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28'' Griddle Cooki...

Best thing I ever did switching to griddling. Easy clean up and food retains juices like never be...

Angel aponte
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28'' Griddle Cooki...

I received a 28" griddle as a gift and upon opening the box I had a broken ignitor ring and was m...

Timothy Baker
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17'' Tabletop Grid...

I have owned my 17" for 2 years and use it 3 to 4 times a week. Just added the hood and "BAM", ca...

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22'' Tabletop Grid...

I´ve been cookin´ like a mad man ever since I got my 22" griddle. Oh man, I just love flippin´ th...

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36'' Griddle Cooki...

can this come off the cart and be used as a built-in , in my outside kitchen?

Dan M
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